IKF Beach Korfball World Championships

PNW representing the USA

PNW Beach Korfball was honored to represent the US in the first ever IKF Beach Korfball World Championships in Nador, Morocco (August 19-20, 2022). After adjusting to the style of play with a 1-4 record on Day 1, the US came back and went 4-0 on Day 2. This was highlighted by a 3-5 loss to France on Day 1 (keeping the US from advancing to the quarterfinals), which was avenged on Day 2 with a 9-4 win against France. 

The squad earned 9th place out of 12 countries, with strong finishes in point differential (5th), overall offense (5th), and overall defense (6th). 

The US was led by their female players, with all three finishing in the Top 15 in points amongst all females (a feat shared only by korfball powerhouse The Netherlands). 

Game by Game Results, Video, and Stats

Day 1 Results

L USA 8 vs. Portugal 10 - video stats

L USA 3 vs. France 5  - video stats

W USA 13 vs. Morocco 3

L USA 1 vs. Poland 10 - video stats

L USA 5 vs. Hungary 11 - video stats

Day 2 Results

W USA 5 vs. Morocco-2 0

W USA 8 vs. England 6 - video stats

W USA 9 vs. France 4 

W USA 9 vs. Wales 2 - video stats