Beach Korfball Path to Olympics

The World's Newest Beach Sport

The International Korfball Federation (IKF) has nearly 70 member countries and is an International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognized federation. The traditional Indoor Korfball and the new Beach Korfball are distinct disciplines within the IKF.

Both Korfball (8x8) and Beach Korfball (4x4) are official events at the World Games (last edition: Birmingham, AL, USA '22), a quadrennial event supported by the IOC for sports that seek Olympic inclusion. Beach Korfball will debut at the 2025 World Games in Chengdu, China

Korfball was a demonstration event in the 1920 and 1928 Olympics (prior to basketball's official inclusion in 1936). 

PNW Beach Korfball is a member of the US Korfball Federation and IKF Beach Korfball

Bi-annual IKF beach events include the World Championships, World Cup (Europe), and World Cup (Asia).