PNW Beach Korfball

Seattle, Washington, USA
traditional & ancestral land of the Duwamish People

TOP 10 World Ranking
International Korfball Federation

Welcome to Pacific Northwest (PNW) Beach Korfball

We play at beaches and sand volleyball courts around the Puget Sound region

and are proud to represent:

aka "Dutch Rules" Co-Ed Beach Basketball

  • Korfball is the European cousin of Basketball with very similar rules

  • "Korfball" means "Basketball" in Dutch!

  • First played in the Netherlands in 1902 and has professional leagues

  • It is played in nearly 70 countries

  • Officially mixed-gendered/co-ed; each gender defends their own gender

  • New, fast-growing beach variant is 4x4 full-court

  • Beach korfball court is very similar in size to a beach volleyball court

  • No dribbling, so lots of passing and teamwork!

  • Hoop is 11.5 feet high and has no backboard

  • Similar to FIBA 3x3, games are quick (only 12 minutes long)